Leadership Bio

Anita Hall, Founder/CEO

The founder and primary contact, Anita Hall, has an Electrical Engineering degree with over 30 years of engineering and management experience. Ms. Hall has worked for several contractors in Huntsville managing Programs and Divisions in Systems Engineering, Logistics, Government IT, and Commercial IT. She is also PMP certified. She grew Divisions for small companies and remained with the respective teams after they were purchased by large companies.

Ms. Hall became a Division Director for a large Aerospace Company and a Senior Fellow for a not-for-profit Corporation based in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Ms. Hall managed a Commercial IT Division performing Business Process Re-engineering and Information Technology Installation and Integration for healthcare companies, law firms, manufacturing companies, and privately held companies. She has received awards for Business Development and Program Management. Ms. Hall has extensive experience in Capture, Proposal and Technical Volume Management.

Wynema Coffey, Co-Owner/Vice President

Co-Owner Wynema Coffey has a Business Management degree with over 30 years federal experience in programmatic and financial management.  She is an experienced manager of diverse groups within various Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.  She served as a mentor and advisor to analysts within the financial management arena and has a proven track record of providing excellent customer and management service.

Ms. Coffey established and led the first Financial Policy and Compliance Division for a large multi-billion dollar DoD organization. Additionally, Ms. Coffey led multiple cross-functional business process reengineering studies realigning antiquated processes to more efficient and effective standardized processes. She is a member of the DoD Acquisition Corps, certified Level III DoD Financial Management, Level III Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act in Budget, Cost Estimating and Financial Management, and Level I in Program Management.


ALIDA Solutions

ALIDA Solutions provides technical and programmatic solutions and services for technology based programs.

ALIDA Solutions is a Huntsville, AL based Woman Owned Small Business providing dynamic problem driven, solution oriented leadership.  ALIDA Solutions provides a dedicated team of analysts ready to engage, analyze and develop solutions to the Customer’s most pressing challenges.